Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Driving my way towards having a life

CDA training has just wrapped up. It was a long, but good experience. I am excited to work with my student staff. I've already noticed differences between the supervision needed here versus back at home. The students are very bright but have not had much responsibility in the past which transfers to frustrations with work ethic, timeliness and "street smarts". My staff members are going to do well, I can feel it =)

I've been busy meeting with students who have arrived early unapproved by H&RL (Housing and Residence Life) to discuss the importance of following directions and notifying the foundation of their plans. While these meetings are somewhat frustrating, I have had some really great interactions with other students. I met with a 5th year medical student at Cornell, we discussed politics and computers, and we both agreed Apple Computers are superior. Student interactions like this make my day more enjoyable.

I also have been "On Call" this week which means I am the go-to person for questions and emergencies within the halls and with our students. So far, so good. I did have one student who had to go to the hospital and was tested for H1N1. She is self-quarantined until we get the results, however, she is feeling a lot better and I think that this issue will be resolved soon.

Outside of work, my life has been consumed by driving lessons every night. Alhamdulillah (Thank God) my last lesson is this Saturday. The big day is Sunday (the test). I feel confident in my driving and knowledge of the test, however I'm still weary of the test itself because it really relies on your tester if you pass or not. He must be in a good mood or he's going to make it very difficult to pass. LAME.

Other than my work and driving classes, I've been working out, and sleeping... nothing too exciting yet. However, tomorrow I get to be a chaperon for the international student orientation group as the visit the Museum of Islamic Art and take a Dhow ship cruise in the gulf. I'm pretty excited. Keep an eye out for picture soon!

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